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Variable Data

Every marketing campaign, whether a personalized direct mail piece, landing page, or email, must make an impression on each potential customer. The right use of Variable Data can elevate your campaing from "meh" to "WOW."

More than just adding the recipient's name to a postcard, todays variable data campaigns use database information about each prospect to customize the imagery, optimize the presentation, and target the message to ensure you get your customers' interest.

One popular use of variable data is Extreme Personalization. Extreme Personalization integrates database information, typically the recipient’s name, into a personalized image for use in print, email, and web campaigns. The samples show some ideas on how Extreme Personalization can add more impact and interest to your marketing campaign.

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Variable Data
Extreme Personalization Samples:

Beer Glass Cow Name in Clouds Name written in snow on car hood Name on golf ball Name on surfboard