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Database Management

Database Management, while a weakness for many, should not be viewed as a formidable barrier. Data tells a story about a person or thing. Print has a long tradition in the craft of delivering stories. Database management is simply a new twist to the old-world craft of conveying the story. The best part of this story telling is that it has notable business applications.

APi-marketing is helping customers manage their data to the highest and best use. The following are a few key recommendations on how to maximize database management.

Data Lists – Some customers claim they don’t have a database. In actuality, they often do, but don’t know it. An accounts receivable list, a customer mailing list, a sales rep’s prospect list are all database lists.

Working the Data – APi-marketing takes the first opportunity to take a customer’s simple Excel spreadsheet and enhance the data. For example, we could offer to merge the data with a third-party list; then you could separate it based on gender, past purchase behavior, or other pertinent information. Once we start to manage this data for a customer, we help you gain control of the relationship and may offer more profitable services, all based on the same content.

Cleansing and Parsing – are two critical components of basic database management. APi-marketing use “BulkMailer Pro” to cleanse and eliminate duplicate names, making sure spelling is correct, and looking for incomplete entries. Serious errors occur when missing address data appears at the last minute. Parsing is taking the collected information and ensuring that names and fields match up, with first and second names in separate fields. Quite often they’re merged into one field.

Centralizing and Merging Database Lists – is a must-seize opportunity. In many organizations more than one database exists. If you can consolidate the lists and maintain them APi-marketing provides a great service for you by merging and reducing list to save you money.

Security – Our customers know that their company’s data is being protected. We avoid potential problems and make database management a core value of APi-marketing’s digital business plan. Best practices developed early in database management security is a key component of our valued customer service.

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Data Abuse Video

The American Civil Liberties Union developed this humorous video to show how the amount of information that is collect can be abused. When working with data it is critical to find that middle ground between target data and “big brother”.