Tevis Forum 2015

TEVIS FORUM 2015 ★ 75 60th Anniversary “Jack” John Veal September 4, 1929 - November 3, 2014 Jack passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. He was born at the High- land Hospital in Auburn, CA, and lived his entire life in the Auburn area. After graduation, he joined the Air Force during the Korean War. After the War he returned to Auburn and became a building contractor, buildingmany homes in the Auburn area. At his home in the Robie Point area he kept his favorite jumping horse, Tamarack, and could ride or hike numerous trails. He also enjoyed hiking the Nevada dessert with friends. Hewas extremely active on maintaining trails throughout the State Parks and Forest Service. Bill Pieper November 29, 1937 -JJ J J jJJjujne 15, 2014 Bill started getting the riding bug again when he and his daughter went to Tevis to crew back in the late 1960’s. The horse didn’t even start the ride but they went through all the stages and the rest as the say was history. The first step was to get a horse- which was an Arabian- “Cass.” Cass had never been on the trails so breaking him was a fun chal- lenge for Bill. He toke him on some NATRC rides to start. He became involved with the Palos Verdes trail riding committee and the NATRC riding associations shortly there- after. Bill spent many hours riding, training both horses and people on what the trails needed to be for horse and riders. He went onmany other rides to see how they worked, learning as much as he could. The Tevis bug bit during the rides. Bill moved the family up toGeorgetown California in the early 1980’s, to get out of Southern California both professional and for the horses. He became involved with Tevis both on the committee and riding it almost from the beginning. His love for the endurance world and preserving the trails was a huge part of his life and he loved it! He spent many hours analyzing what the horse and he would need, what the trail would be like during different times of the day, what his expectations were for his crew and who, what and where people were doing on the committee. No one, except for Wendell Robie, has had a greater influence on the WSTF than Bill. He served as president for 10 years. He has been a tireless advocate of the Western States Trail and acted as our liaison with governmental agencies. He has mentored every WSTF president since his terms. He will be greatly missed. Here is a short list of Bill’s contributions: • Member of Western States Trail Founda- tion Board of Governors since 1981 • President of WSTF from 1989 to 1999 • Six years as Tevis Ride Director • Formed first WSTF Executive Committee • Formed Government Affairs Committee and has been liaison with state, federal, local governments since inception of committee •Met every week for over a year (circa 1983) with committee members Joan Dowis, Hal Hall, Marvin Jacinto, Jack Veal and Marc van Zuuk to save the trail from being denied access to theGranite Chief area; workedwith federal agencies and the U.S. Forest Service • Invited to become board member by Wen- dell Robie because of his experience with trail development in Southern California • Developed Western States Trail Endow- ment Foundation with Heather Davis, Joan Dowis, Walt Tibbitts and Mike Pickett • President of WSTEF for ten years • Founded Friends of Western States Trail Alliance (FOWSTA) with Heather Davis and Kate Riordan They Rode Ahead. . . Jack was definitely involved in the Auburn Com- munity; 55 year member of The Elks, served as Exalted Ruler 1969, City Council from 1980-1984 served as Mayor in 1981, Planning Commission 1974-1980, The RepublicanCentral Committee, CourtHouse Restoration Committee, Grand Jury, Native Sons of the GoldenWest, Wendell and Inez Robie Foundation, The Drew Barner Foundation, and theWestern States Trail Foundation. Jack assisted with the first Tevis Ride in 1955 as a volunteer but completed the Tevis the next year getting one of the first buckles that were awarded and went on to finish the Tevis onemore time. He served on their board for numer- ous years. He was instrumental in obtaining and building Robie Park where the Tevis starts. He was awarded the McCann Award in 1961 for his community service. Jack was an avid reader and historian. He was a life time member of the Placer County Historical Society and had a large library of books and tapes. He was a mas- ter gardener and welder; he designed and welded metal decorations and ran the blacksmith shop at Coloma, Calif., but most of all he was known for his enthusiastic leading of the Flag Salute of the United States of America with much gusto andwill be greatlymissed by his many friends. • Created Christmas party fundraiser with Heather Davis, Kate Riordan and Candy Suddjian • Helped develop the Education Ride • Member of the Tevis Historic Committee since its inception • Worked with AERC to allow Tevis to have its own rules and still be sanctioned byAERC • Worked with Wendell Robie to develop business management systems for the Ride • Along with Dr. Gary Carlson and Dr. Mur- ray Fowler, helped develop UCD equine research projects staged at the Ride •Workedwith Larry Suddjian on a successful campaign to save NoHands Bridge and allow continued horse access over the bridge • Developed first Participant Guide; first Tevis Forum published while he was president • 14 Tevis starts, 6 Tevis buckles www.cogneephotography.com (530) 845-9530 • [email protected] facebook.com/dominique.cognee Dominiqu photographing the Tevis since 1999 J