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Kelley Buxton

Kelley Buxton


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Team Member Q&A

What is your favorite quote?
"We were made for a mission"

Who is your hero (living or dead) and why?
Wow this is hard! I don’t know This will be one of my goals this year!

What place would you like to visit that you have not seen.
Australia and Tahiti

If you could do anything that you wanted what would you do?
Be a "Rock Star"

Where is your "happy place"?
Anywhere in the Caribbean

If you were a "roadie" for a band what band would you travel with?
This is way to hard! I can’t choose Y&T, Bon Jovi, Sammy, Aerosmith ..

What is the "coolest" animal in the world?
My Bichon "Cooper" of course!

What word or phrase is so over used it drives you up a wall?
"It is what it is" Not really but couldn’t think of anything

What is your favorite food? Why?
Probably Mexican, because it is yummy!

What movie have you seen the most amount of times? How many times have you seen it?
Overboard, probably 25 times

What is your dream car and why?
A 1968 Camaro. It was the first car I ever wanted and my Dad wouldn’t let me get it. I still want it!!

If you could be a sports, entertainment or political "super star" who would you be?
Kate Hudson because her life just seems fun!