What is Every Door Direct Mail Retail?

EDDM is Standard (bulk) Class mail, but EDDM mail-pieces do not require a name OR address because every delivery point on a specified mail carrier’s route receives a mail-piece addressed to “POSTAL CUSTOMER”; this is known as saturation mailing and as such it mails at very low postage rates. EDDM Retail is specifically designed for small volume mailers who mail less than 5,000 EDDM mail-pieces a day and has special rules. Mailers must be willing and able to drop the mail off at the local Post Office retail unit responsible for the delivery of the mail.

What is the minimum or maximum volume for each EDDM Retail mailing?

You must mail at least one carrier route that should be between 300 and 700 pieces depending on the route. The maximum number of pieces is 5,000 per day for EDDM “Retail." There’s also a limit if we do it under our mailing permit.

Does EDDM Retail require any USPS permits?

No USPS postage permits or annual fees are required with EDDM Retail, but program registration with USPS is required (FREE).

What is the postage rate for EDDM?

The postage price is based on how close we deliver the mail to the carrier that will be delivering to the homes. The price will be from 16¢ to 21.5¢.

How is postage paid on EDDM mailings?

EDDM Retail, postage payment must be made directly to the local retail Post Office at the time of deposit using a check or money order made out to “Postmaster”. If we use our permit the postage is due the day of delivery to the Post Office

What kind of mail-piece can I create and send using EDDM?

USPS requires that EDDM mail-pieces qualify as flat-size “Saturation Standard Mail”. Flats must be greater than 6.125 inches tall or greater than 10.5 inches long.

Where do I start in planning my EDDM mailing?

You can begin as soon as you are ready. It will take about 5 working days to go from “print ready art” until your piece is delivered to your customer or prospects home.

How long does it take for EDDM mail to be delivered?

The Post Office usually takes two days for the mail to deliver with EDDM.

What special preparation is required for EDDM Retail?

Option 1 Do it Yourself – We print, you prep. We print your mail-pieces and ship them to you, along with complete preparation instructions and printed copies of your USPS documentation; you do the counting and bundling by carrier route and then drop the mail off at the local Post Office. We make it easy, and you’ll save up to 3¢ per piece by doing it yourself. But in California if you take it to the Post Office we will need to charge you sales tax. If we do it all there is no sales tax, if falls under Board of Equalization “printed sales message”.
Option 2 We do it all – We print your mail-pieces, count and bundle them by carrier route, and then we mail them for you via "open and distribute" to the local Post Office. It couldn’t be any easier!


It was one of the best decisions we made going with API-Marketing for our Every Door Direct Mail. Not only was the printing and distribution the best we have ever seen, we are the proud recipients of 45 new patients in the last 3 months.

- Laila,
Dental Office

We were a bit anxious about changing companies for our catalogue, but API-Marketing made it stress free with support for design, printing, and distribution. All 100,000 mailers were delivered on-time without a hitch. Their staff is easy to work with and always eager to make suggestions and recommendations to make it better and more affordable.

- Joyce, Principal
Adult School