Power up your
Dental Marketing

Every dentist is looking for new patients & every marketing company says they are the number one experts. We don’t offer that shiny object, we just offer simple solutions to get you more patients.

From before the world wide web to current day, there is no argument, direct mail has been the best and most reliable solution to new patient acquisition.

Marketing is evolving and we are evolving with it. We use a combination of several different reliable channels to make patient acquisition easier faster and more affordable.

Cookie Cutter

Most marketing companies take a cookie cutter approach to their services, whether they are marketing Dental Offices or selling tires. At APi-marketing we believe in customizing the marketing strategy to best fit the client's needs. Our marketing packages are just a starting point to help develop the marketing plan that meets the goals and budget of each individual client.

Leave the cookie cutter in the kitchen and let APi-marketing craft the right marketing solution for your business.

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