Tevis Forum 2019

TEVIS FORUM 2017 ★ 15 www.teviscup.org YEAR RIDER HORSE BREED SEX AGE 1990 Daniel Bunn Harry Arabian G 12 1991 Erin McChesney Cougar’s Fete 3/4 Arabian M 9 1992 Marcia Smith Harry Arabian G 14 1993 Cassandra Schuler Magnet Arabian G 7 1994 Cassandra Schuler Magnet Arabian G 8 1995 Hugh Helm Petruska Arabian M 9 1996 Erin McChesney Cougar’s Fete 3/4 Arabian M 15 1997 Ona Lawrence Dandy McCoy Arabian G 16 1998 Sandy Brown Ruby Mule G 8 1999 Heather Bergantz Red Arabian G 7 2000 Elise Geske Ravi Das Arabian G 10 2001 Cathy Rohm-Richardson Fayette de Cameo 1/2 Arab M 6 2002 Hal Hall Bogus Thunder Arabian G 9 2003 Heather Bergantz-Reynolds Master Motion Arabian G 9 2004 Jeremy Reynolds CV Eli Arabian G 10 2005 Michele Roush Cayenne Arabian G 8 2006 John Crandell Heraldic Arabian G 8 2007 John Crandell HH Shaba Shams Arabian G 8 2008 NO RIDE - CANCELLED BECAUSE OF FOREST FIRE 2009 Melissa Ribley, DVM LD Monique Arabian M 7 2010 Garrett Ford The Fury Arabian G 8 2011 Jeremy Reynolds Riverwatch Arabian G 7 2012 Rusty Toth Farrabba Arabian G 11 2013 Suzanne Hedgecock LZP Julicslastchance Arabian G 12.3 2014 Barrak Blakeley MCM Last Dance Arabian G 17.2 2015 Jenni Smith Auli Farwa (Far) Arabian G 15.2 2016 Lisa Ford GE Cylclone Arabian G 16 2017 Jeremy Reynolds Treasured Moments Arabian M 7 2018 Makayla Corgnell MM Cody Mustang G 10 WINNERS OF THE JAMES BEN ALI HAGGIN CUP 1983 and 1984 Haggin Cup Recipient HCC Gazal and Juliette Suhr (photograph by Charlie Barieau) 2018 Haggin Cup Recipient MM Cody and Makayla Corgnell (photograph byDominique) 2012 Rex Maynard-30+ years at Red Star Ridge Bob and Karel Waugh-15+ years at Robinson Flat doing parking and organizing P&R team Bob and Mary Anne Balthrope, Founders of SOS and Radio Teams for Tevis 2013 Julie Borgna -25 years as a volunteer at Francisco’s Dale &Margie Peterson-24 years running Francisco’s Wayne Bair-30 years shoeing the Ride Rho Bailey-50 years volunteering in many jobs 2014 Chuck Mather, Chuck Gabri, Joe Larkin and Bill Johnson 2015 Judy Hall, Becky Morris, Greg Kimler and Bob Suter 2016 Mary and Gene Freeland, Martin Macken, Jon Saunders, Leslie and George DeMay 2017 Sandee Dennison, Matt Scribner and Supervisor Jen- nifer Montgomery 2018 Jim Baldwin, Ed Moore, Mark Falcone, TimTwi- etmeyer, CraigThornley, Tony Rossmann and John Trent 2019 Greg Martin and Katey Osborn Past “Friends of the Tevis” Recipients