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PURL Campaigns

PURL (Personalized URL) Campaigns utilize the power of variable data on the web by serving custom landing page content. Visitors are directed to visit a landing page personalized with their name, such as "" through direct mail or email. Content on that page can be customized using database details specific to that guest, such as demographic specific images, customized text, and personalized survey questions.

For more information about differnent types of PURL Campaigns, including a "PURL Attract" sample campaign, see the descriptions below, or email us for more informaiton.

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PURL Attract     Powered by Mindfire Inc

The diagram on this page illustrates the Campaign Flow for the Attract Blueprint. The Campaign Flow is meant to illustrate the respondents experience as they interact with an Attract campaign. This powerful multi-touch marketing strategy will allow the best experience for your customer to find out about you as well as improve your ROI on your marketing dollar.

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Attract Express     Powered by Mindfire Inc

Attract Express allows you to direct prospects to a Landing Page, profile them in two steps, and quickly generate a lead. Because it’s only two steps, Attract Express is perfect for occasions when you want campaign respondents to move quickly through the Landing Page experience, such as:

  • Television Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • Print Advertising
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Collateral
  • Event Marketing and Registration
  • Trade Shows
  • Free-Standing Inserts

In each case, the Attract Express Landing Page provides you with a campaign specific URL (e.g., that can easily be printed on any direct marketing piece, added to any advertisement, or distributed over the airwaves.


Handoff     Powered by Mindfire Inc

The Hand-Off Blueprint is simple, yet very powerful. Its sole function is to send visitors somewhere else (i.e., to “hand-off” to another site). Prospects are invited to visit the Landing Page through Email and/or Direct Mail. When Prospects visit their personalized URL, they can see a login page (the Hand-Off Page), or they are instantly redirected to the Destination. The Destination can be the same for all visitors, or it can be based on a Destination URL value which is imported as a field in the mail file.


Click Capture     Powered by Mindfire Inc

As the internet evolves, more companies are finding Pay-Per-Click advertising a way to generate interest in their product or service. In many cases, the challenge is less about getting click through and more about how to engage customers once they arrive. One solution to this issue is to deploy a MindFire IncĀ® Click Capture campaign. Click Capture campaigns allow you to populate landing pages with specific information based on keywords. This allows you to serve content that is specifically relevant to a person who enters the landing page. Multiple keywords can be supported and tracked within one campaign. You are also able to capture information on who has landed on the page. The key advantage of this campaign blueprint is that it converts people that you don’t know into people that you do!

Attract Campaign flow