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Merrill Kagan-Weston

Merrill Kagan-Weston

President/Sales Manager

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Team Member Q&A

What place would you like to visit that you have not seen?
Australia, if I could go on a leer jet.

Where is your "happy place"?
atop my horse, Truckee, riding the trails anywhere in the Sierra Nevada.

If you were a "roadie" for a band what band would you travel with?
Jackson Browne

What word or phrase is so over used it drives you up a wall?
ya know

What is your favorite food? Why?
bread & butter do you have to ask?

What movie have you seen the most amount of times? How many times have you seen it?
Silly but, it’s Sabrina either version although I prefer the original with Audrey Hepburn. Combined I’ve probably seen them 15 times.

What is your dream car and why?
any convertible, love the wind.

If you could be a sports, entertainment or political "super star" who would you be?
Anderson Cooper. He’s honest and authentic