WSTF Tevis Forum July 2020

2 ★ TEVISFORUM2020 The 2020 Drucilla Barner Award Chuck Mather This year Western States Trail Foundation is recogniz- ing in honor of Dru Barner, Chuck Mather. Chuck became involved with Tevis as a rider in 1994 and has earned five buckles. Chuck joined the Board of Governors in 1998. Chuck is now an emeritus Board of Governors member and was a recipient of the prestigious 2014 Friends of the Tevis Award. Chuck has been a tireless supporter of Tevis; he has spent countless hours working on the trail. Never seeking the lime light, Chuck has provided insightful and forward thinking leadership as a member of the Board, as President of the Foundation, and has served in many leadership roles on committees including: the Ride Committee, the Office Committee, the Trail Committee, the Cup Committee and a prominent role in maintaining the Auburn Staging Area. He has also served as Vice Chair of the Western States Trail Endowment Foundation. What makes Chuck so special is he can always be counted on to respond to any request; Chuck is the person who hikes in four miles to clear a tree from the trail the day before the ride, he’s always available to fix a water line at the Auburn Staging Area, or head out on a horse and rider rescue at the drop of a hat. Chuck’s great love of the trail and the Western States Trail Foundation spanning more than 25 years, and selfless willing- ness to always lend a hand makes him an ideal recipient of the 2020 Dru Barner Award. WHAT IS THE DRUCILLA BARNER AWARD??? DRUCILLA BARNER AWARD FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE Drucilla Barner was one of the first women to ride the Western States 100 Mile One Day Ride and in 1961, she became the first woman to win the ride. She won ten Tevis buckles for her completions in 1958, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1966, 1970, l971, and 1974. In addition to riding, she contributed to and supported the ride from the first day she rode the trail until her death. She was the Ride Secretary for years, in addition to being the executive secretary toWendell Robie, founder of the Western States Trail Foundation. She worked for Wendell at Heart Federal Savings and Loan in Auburn, Ca. After her death, Drucilla continued to support the trail and the ride through The Dru Barner Memorial Foundation created from her estate. For many years, the Barner Foundation has been instrumental in the creation of the Dru Barner Equestrain Park in El Dorado County and has supported the preservation and enhancement of theWestern States Trail and other trails on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Year 2010 rolled around and the Barner Foundation was winding up its affairs and trans- ferred one-half of its remaining assets (42,500) to the Western States Trail Endowment Fund as a way of continuing to sup- port the trail. In appreciation of this special gift, the Western States Trail Foundation has agreed to honor Dru’s memory by annually presenting a distinguished s e r v i c e award to a person, who like Drucilla Barner, has ma d e s i g - nificant con- tribution to the goals of the Western States Trail Foundation. The eleventh recipient of thi s award i s C h u c k Mather.