Dressage Letters March 2021

MARCH 2021 V. 27, I 3 CALIFORNIA DRESSAGE SOCIETY CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 2021 VIRTUAL CDS ANNUAL MEETING Lots of Firsts By Paula Langan This CDS Annual Meeting was all about Firsts. First virtual CDS Annual Meeting First Board Meeting live on facebook First chapter chair roundtable live on facebook First award slide show on facebook First time preparing a new format for the annual meeting in 30 days First time I have run a power point slide show with three days notice At the beginning we were learning slowly. A couple of board meetings on zoom and then a webinar educational session with four judges. Then suddenly we were going to have a complete full on CDS Annual Meeting through zoom and play it on facebook live. This is like cantering down the centerline in your first Grand Prix test realizing you have not practiced your pirouettes. Despite a few technical glitches, our generous members thought the TOP: MARI NATEN, JOAN WILLIAMS, MELISSA CRESWICK, PAT HART, RUTH SHIRKEY BELOW: JOAN WILLIAMS