CDS Dressage Letters July 2020

CALIFORNIA DRESSAGE SOCIETY JULY 2020 V. 26, I 7 Keep informed Check your email, facebook Modified Qualifying Scores Score Check Stay connected With shows on pause for April and May, CDS looked for ways to keep the membership informed, educated and entertained. CDS created a Members-Only facebook page to keep the members connected and learning. The page consisted of a full range of topics from sharing “Between the Ears” photos to your favorite “Adult Amateur Clinic” photos. CDS developed a webinar live on facebook with CDS President and new S judge, Joan Williams, hosting a panel of S judges. Offering their time and expertise were Melissa Creswick (S), Sue Curry (S), and Axel Steiner (S) (FEI ret). They covered topics like freestyle, training specific movements and details about execution of movements in the tests, and preparing for shows after time off. They addressed judging the movements as well as discussions on how dressage has changed over the years. This was definitely a team effort. Patti Schofler of Dark Horse Media got several sponsors for each session. Many of the members tuned in each Friday at 5 pm to listen and ask questions. We had hundreds of members jumping in for the great sponsored giveaways in each session. Patti would collect all the “igiveaways” and put them in the randomizer to pick the winners. Carol Tice, USDF Region 7 Director, was in charge of capturing the live questions and relaying them to Joan. Paula Langan of the Central Office was in charge of learning how to create a zoom webinar, include the panelists, and put it live on facebook. A steep learning curve for all, I might add. This was a well received event and allowed members a chance to get acquainted with top level judges and to connect with them on several topics. Sessions were held from April 17 to May 29. Next session will be on “How did the first shows go?” at the end of June. Venturing farther into the virtual world, Foothills Chapter joined with CDS for a fundraising weekly exercise program. Video link- KENO4iDoQ9ViL4hnC6Kl This is an online interactive exercise program specifically developed for horse riders. This program will help improve your flexibility, strength, fitness and balance. At the end of each session you can ask questions and gain insight on how to improve specific areas of your riding! Each class will be online using Zoom. A link will be available to all participating members on our private Facebook group. The classes are $10 each and are available in a monthly subscription of 4 classes or a discounted 3 month subscription of 12 classes. Family plans are also available. Classes will be held on Fridays from 5 pm to 6 pm. Each lesson is 45 minutes long with 15 minutes for Q and A to discuss areas in your riding that may benefit from particular exercises and stretches. No equipment is needed. Video recordings of the class will be available for paid members CDS Connects With Members On Facebook JUDGE PANEL WEBINAR GUEST SPEAKERS: JOAN WILLIAMS, CDS PRESIDENT, S JUDGE; AXEL STEINER, S JUDGE, FEI JUDGE (RET); MELISSA CRESWICK, S JUDGE; SUE CURRY, S JUDGE CONTINUED ON PAGE 4