You no longer have personal space, It’s a global network of data

AI is today and for ever more. Artificial intelligence is all around us and a part of our lives. It is used every hour of every day to gather information about you, me the masses. The information it gathers it uses to create more information with the use of the “algorithms” in the software and the massive growth of the “computer farms” to process and analyze what we say and do.
But it goes beyond that it thinks for it self, it has deductive reasoning that not only processes the data but create new data from what it has learned.

How AI Sees Us
If we really want to see what machines see, we need to think like computers. This means discarding everything we perceive from our senses through our brain, and process step-by-step how AI goes through data acquisition instead. In a recent study what they demonstrated with the The Machine’s Eye. This simulation that shows the steps through which a hypothetical AI system “reads” a physical environment and is able to profile the people in it.

How This Will Change Your Marketing
Today, artificial intelligence using big data and machine learning will change everything.All these algorithms will be part of your profiling your customers & patients in the future.  The results are highly personalized, real-time consumer “experiences” that will be at significantly lower cost.

Detailed Consumer Profiles
Better knowledge of customer and prospect audiences means marketers can deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Increased Engagement Rates
With deeper insight into consumer demographics, socioeconomic data, and geographical patterns, marketers can make proactive changes to their digital marketing strategies.

Higher Retention Rates
What marketers have to consider, using advanced technology to win new business is only one side of the coin. They can also use these newfound metrics and consumer insights to increase current retention rates. If current customers feel more relaxed and comfortable with a certain e-commerce brand, they will likely offer up more information about themselves in exchange for promotions or deals.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, everything is changing and we will be ready to use these tools to help you to grow and expand your business in the future. Give use a call, let’s talk about AI and how it might transform your business.
Check out “The Machine’s Eye” video to see how you might be seen.

“Big Data, Code and the Discrete City” was developed and compiled by Silvio Carta and Routledge who is a member of Taylor & Francis Group  

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