Who makes eCommerce work?



They all have a vested interest in making it work.

THE BRAND MANAGER-This person needs to know that business cards are consistent with e-mail promotions which are consistent with banners and signage which is consistent with printed marketing collateral. Consistency builds the brand.

THE OFFICE MANAGER – Efficiency in ordering, quality of product and trust in deliverability. Why should they spend time and energy worrying about what should be a given. Let them maximize their talents in what they know best.

THE CFO – It’s the bottom line on the financial statement. Less time spent by office staff to price, place, approve, receive and distribute material. Taking steps out of the ordering process provides lower prices across the board. Less redundancy of product. If product is thrown away because of updates or obsolescent it coming right off the bottom line.

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Brad Weston

Brad has over 35 years of print and marketing communications experience. In his older years he is still a bit of a “smart-ass” but is working on being less obnoxious. He thrives on being an alchemist, seeing things of value when others do not.