What is Targeting?

audience_propensitiesIf you are a marketer or own your own business, a target should be something other that the round circles that you put out at the gun range. The target is your customer. Targeting is your best bet to sell or influence your potential clients to value your product or service.

What does it actually do? How does it help your business?

It saves you expenses. If you are doing any type of out-bound marketing, you only need to send it to your target audience.

It gives you greater profit. If you hit your target you won’t have to discount your prospects to convince consumers to buy; they are already influenced by your product or service.

Smarter acquisition. Don’t waste time on prospects that can’t bring you the return you want.

Share your lifestyle. These prospects are the ones that you go out for a beer with. You have them over for dinner, they like you and you like them.

So the question remains, what do you need to do to target your customers?

Build your own database. Don’t just get names, addresses & e-mails. Ask some questions about their lifestyle, see if they fit your target audience.

Use audience propensities in a purchased list. This can segment into your target. Education, travel, automobile, media, etc. will tell you a lot about your prospects and what they like to hear and see.

Data mirroring. This is a well crafted tool to make a larger database from your existing database. It’s simple; we upload your database to one of our data compilers, they evaluate over 100 characteristics of your current customer, and give you more entries like the ones you have. You have mirrored your list and these, again, are your target.

When I hear “direct mail doesn’t work,” I always ask, “how did you target your mailing?” Their answer is, “what is targeting?” or “I just mailed it to people in the area.” Go deeper, target your audience and see the difference in your ROI.

Give us a call. We are experts in enlisting a targeted list of your NEW CUSTOMERS.

You can download a white paper here about targeting API_Audience-Propensities-Fact-Sheet

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