Web Designers and SEO Can do Wonders

Yes if you have been into the field of SEO, you know how important it is to have a good web design that can enhance user experience. Therefore SEO professionals and web designers should work in close association with each other.
If you study the web sites over the web for SEO compliance, you will find that a majority of them do not even have basic optimization done. Although a web designer is not required to learn completely but he/she must be aware of basic
concepts and its benefits. A fancy design may look wow from one side but are your targeted visitors able to find you? Why you should design web sites which should be search engine friendly? What are the advantages of doing it? These are some of the questions that an SEO needs to prepare to convince web designers for expected changes.

At many a times there can be situation of conflicts and discrepancy which can weaken teamwork strength and overall productivity. Therefore its very important for an SEO professional to prepare themselves with strong points that can convince web designers and make them more comfortable.
So lets see what initiatives can be taken for them and what kind of role a web designer can play to attain company’s objectives.


  • Explain the basic concepts of search engine optimization.
  • Take a polite and positive approach.
  • Demand for the site changes softly.
  • Present visitor usage patterns to them.
  • Make them understand about visitor’s behavior on website.
  • From time to time share reports about visitor’s activity on the website.
  • Show how competitors are currently taking the advantage of their optimized web site.
  • Explain what value in terms of ROI it can give you.
  • Tell them about call to actions importance.
  • Show authenticated reports to show them results and attainable goals.
  • Give practical examples to validate your point.
  • Give credits to web designers and share achievements.


  • A designer should study demographics of targeted audience.
  • Prepare website based on SEO guidelines.
  • Enrich website with enhanced call to action with easy GUI.
  • Work along with SEO team on navigation, URL and other parameters.
  • Enhance user experience.
  • Study visitor behavior on website and do research and development
  • So overall 2 things has to be done – first smart initiatives to convince them and second to explain them their desired roles. The combined effort of these 2 role playing people builds major contributions towards any designated SEO project.
By Ashish Mehta SEO Analyst

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Brad Weston

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