Direct Mail is Alive and Well

Remove-Smarter2E-mail, websites, SEO, social media, & signage all showing growth in the marketing world for both B2B and B2C segments. Direct mail is also showing growth, and in some industries showing double digit growth. It is time to put direct mail back in your marketing strategy.
Consumers and businesses are attracted to a couple things in this strategy. They see that an investment is being made in them when they get mail, and direct mail is targeted specifically to them, about the things they enjoy.
As with any marketing strategy, you have choices as to how to deliver your direct mail message. Your mail list is and has always been the backbone of a successful campaign. So how are you going to select your mailing list?
First, you need to examine how your product or service appeals to the masses. Is there only a small portion of the market that will buy? Or would almost anyone be a good prospect. When you figure that out, that’s when people like me, Brad, go to work. We fashion a database to fit your need and to fit your budget. Continue reading Direct Mail is Alive and Well