Data is still King

Crown 11Who gets your message is the most important part of any campaign, if your a business is looking for new customers. You may have the greatest offer ever. You may have the best product that is on a must have wish list. Your timing is impeccable. None of that matters if you don’t reach the right prospects and miss your target audience. That is why your data, your list, is KING.

I did a simple review of many of the types of data sources that are available to build a database. Whether you are using it for print, e-mail, social media or even phone calls, this outline can give you some insight to make your KINGDOM even bigger.

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Price or Value

Sometimes you really get what you pay for

Value refers to the perception of benefits received for what someone must give up. For most businesses price by itself should not the key factor when a purchase is being considered. Savvy decision makers compare the entire market offering and do not simply make their purchase decision based solely on the price of a product or service. In essence when a purchase situation arises price is one of several variables used to evaluate a product’s overall value.

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