10 Ways Show, Not Just Tell

Show and Tell
Sometimes you have to get creative. We lifted this gif from 1001postcards.org.

We’ve all had Show-and-Tell at school before. I know it was a long time ago, but go ahead and just remember the most engaging things that you saw at Show-and-Tell. Did you learn anything, or do you just remember that one time when Becky tripped and fell while handling her Baking Soda volcano? Chances are it’s something like that. Or something else really creative and fun. Audiences like something new and engaging, and kids understand that best! Most often the best thing is an action or visual paired with some short, concise words. When I was a kid I didn’t do a lot of talking, so showing people what I could do was easy. But it was also easy to get overlooked, so with much grumbling, I learned to pair the two.

Don’t just tell people you have great service, or the best gadget in town. Show them too! Here are some ways to start showing and telling people how your business stands out: Continue reading 10 Ways Show, Not Just Tell