Postage Rates Move Sideways in 2017

Some are up and some are down. But there are new prices for your individual letter and presort mailing starting on Sunday January 22nd. Below is a few of the highlights of changes at the United States Postal Service.

First-Class Mail® Letters up to 1 ounce: price increase from $0.47 to $0.49

First-Class Mail® Flats up to 1 ounce: price increase from $0.94 to $0.98

Presorted First-Class Mail Letters/Postcards: There’s an overall average price decrease of .25%

Presort First-Class Mail will be able to send up to 3.5oz letters for the same price as a 1oz rate

Standard Mail will be re-branded as USPS “Marketing Mail”®

EDDM drop shipment postage for profit business goes up 1% and non-profits goes down 5%

But when the increase takes effect, Api-marketing is ready. Ready with the new prices and ready with ideas to maximize your return with targeted mail lists, personalization & marketing design.

2016 was a great year for “direct mail” resulting in an increase of over 10% from prior years. It works, it is not dead, and 2017 will be even a bigger year for businesses that invest in direct mail.

If you have any specific pricing questions on postage, or are interested in printing and mailing through APi-marketing, e-mail us or give us a call, we will be happy to get you all the answers you need.

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Brad Weston

Brad has over 35 years of print and marketing communications experience. In his older years he is still a bit of a “smart-ass” but is working on being less obnoxious. He thrives on being an alchemist, seeing things of value when others do not.