Part 2: Banners are not Business Cards

As promised in my last blog about the importance of letter size on a banner, our next step is to take a look at the importance of contrast and font.

Good contrast is very important! Just like a sign with small letters is not readable, a sign with poorly contrasting colors or letters is also not readable. When choosing colors we keep in mind that certain ones should not be paired together. For example, we know that colors on the opposite end of the color wheel should not be used in text/background combinations without some color manipulation. Take a look at the color and contrast combinations below and you can pretty much come to your own conclusions as to what works and what doesn’t.

Image of yellow type and blue back, black type and yellow back, green type and red back, blue type and green back

In regards to font take a look at the fonts below. You can see that Helvetica and Tahoma are a couple fonts that are read easily from a distance. Now take a look at Old English or Edwardian Script. These may be elegant fonts but should never be used on signage.


List of fonts that are readable from a distance

image of Edwardian Script typeface

Old English Typeface is hard to read from a distance




Hold on to your seats because my next blog will be addressing the importance of placement.