Is your message above the fold?

In the newspaper business (that’s the thing that would land on your porch about 5am each morning back in the olden days), publishers and editors had a mantra: “all that matters is what’s above the fold”. The same thing should hold true for your e-blasts. If you can’t keep all the content on the screen or one “page down” don’t put it in your e-mail.

Everyone is slammed. They don’t have time, and if they did have time, they wouldn’t use it to read the hundreds of e-mail novels they get each day.
Focus on the frequency of your e-blast, use minimal content, grab their attention, keep their interest. Do all this in less than 100 words and with only a couple of graphics. Now sit back and watch your open rate score change.

Your content should include relevant and timely information that’s concise. Help your audience skim your content by grouping it with subtitles. Use call-outswhat do you have above the fold? Illustration of a stick figure below the fold, trying to get attention. to focus their attention where it matters most. Include links in your content that back up your point. Linking to content from your own web site will keep your audience engaged with your marketing platform and bolster your credibility at the same time.

E-blasts aren’t just an art, they can be a science. As a marketer, your job is not only to produce content, but also to use analytics to identify the ideal content and frequency. Test, make more adjustments, then test again. When you are all finished and you are sending the best e-blast possible.

If you need help, APi-marketing is here for you. Give us a call, or better yet, send us a short e-mail. Let’s work with your ideas. Your business is unique, make sure everyone knows that.

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Brad Weston

Brad has over 35 years of print and marketing communications experience. In his older years he is still a bit of a “smart-ass” but is working on being less obnoxious. He thrives on being an alchemist, seeing things of value when others do not.