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Google offers Google My Business, a free listing for your dental practice. Optimizing your Google My business can promote your listing inside the search engine, showing up in search consequences ranking higher on search for your practice on Google. Your Google My Business additionally allows you to post updates, add photos, reply to reviews, and highlight what’s one of a kind about your practice.

Your practice must take ownership of what patients  see when they do a search for your practice. We have crafted a list of Google My Business “DOs” and “DON’Ts” to set your practice’s Google listing off on the right foot.

Do- Claim your listing.
Do- Fill it out as totally as possible.
Do- Remember what account you use to get entry to the listing.
Do- Check on your listing often to make sure it wasn’t updated when you weren’t looking.
Do-  Gather and respond to evaluations appropriately.

Don’t add Keywords to your practice name.
Don’t add Categories that don’t mirror your practice.
Don’t use a tracked phone number.
Don’t add any customers to your checklist unless you recognize precisely what they will be doing on it.
Don’t pay for reviews or use artificial reviews (Google will know).

Though Google My Business is a practical tool for setting up your search engine optimization success, your Google checklist should work hand in hand with your other SEO marketing efforts. For extra details on Google My Business and how to effectively market your practice online, discover our web optimization services. API-Marketing takes the guesswork out of marketing for dentists, discover what our search engine optimization can do for you. Call us at 888-282-8764

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