Direct Mail is Alive and Well

Remove-Smarter2E-mail, websites, SEO, social media, & signage all showing growth in the marketing world for both B2B and B2C segments. Direct mail is also showing growth, and in some industries showing double digit growth. It is time to put direct mail back in your marketing strategy.
Consumers and businesses are attracted to a couple things in this strategy. They see that an investment is being made in them when they get mail, and direct mail is targeted specifically to them, about the things they enjoy.
As with any marketing strategy, you have choices as to how to deliver your direct mail message. Your mail list is and has always been the backbone of a successful campaign. So how are you going to select your mailing list?
First, you need to examine how your product or service appeals to the masses. Is there only a small portion of the market that will buy? Or would almost anyone be a good prospect. When you figure that out, that’s when people like me, Brad, go to work. We fashion a database to fit your need and to fit your budget.

Different kinds of mailing lists
If everyone gets your mailing, your best investment is EDDM which is the most efficient and affordable way to mail. It is a simplified address, which means there is no name or address on the piece. Each address in the carrier’s route will get one. That alone gets you the best postage price and least amount of handling for the direct mail.
You have a targeted list. We find out what your customer looks like and we develop a list of what works. You’ll pay more for the list and the postage. Is it worth it? When your campaign is over, you need to go to the ROI (Return on investment) calculator to find out. Divide what the whole campaign cost by the number of customers or leads you got from the mailing and that is your ROI.
But wait!
There is a new method that is catching the eye of marketing strategist. That is Smart Saturation. When EDDM doesn’t quite work for you there is a way to remove recipients that never will become a customer. As long as you mail to 75% of the occupied addresses on a route you can still get a postage rate very close to those rates with EDDM. You can remove any age groups, income level, marital status, gender, and presence of children in the household from your mailing as long as it stays above 75%.
There is a minimal cost for the list and it does need to have an name and address on the mailing piece. But, those costs are more than absorbed by the savings you get by not mailing to “never-ever-going-to-buy” prospects.
Did I mention you can also get personalized and versioned variable with Smart Saturation? E-mail me or give me a call and we can talk about making your mailing even smarter than ever. Download an information sheet  Smart Saturation here

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