Establishing an Online Marketing Priority List

As a marketer and even more so as an entrepreneur, I find all of our options and opportunities to shine in online marketing daunting. Not daunting in the sense that “this new stuff scares me,” as that would be quite a thing to say based on
what I do for a living (i.e., educate on best practices of online marketing). But enormously daunting in the sheer number of opportunities to do great things during this huge transformational time. Opportunities are boundless and the ideas are gushing over at a pace and volume that feels like the Amazonian waterfalls I’ve seen on the Discovery Channel.
The breadth, amount, and rapidity of such, simply blow me away on Sunday mornings like this. So, I find myself becoming introspective and thinking, “Hey dude, why don’t you just go after one idea and see it all the way through to the
very last detail?” Asking myself, “Are you ADD?” or “Do you lack the discipline or interest?” The answer is yes and no.

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