“But I’m not ready for you to see my website!”

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Just fix it already

“I don’t like my website, I’m going to redo it soon” [like a year from now].

Does this sound familiar? Or how about “I’m going to invest in social media when I am ready for large orders.” But you aren’t ready for large orders because of several reasons, including not having a proper website for clients to view and/or place orders.

It’s 2017 and 39% of small business owners don’t have a website, and many that do are unhappy with the way it performs or looks. While there are several reasons that a website can do a poor job at generating leads, there are a few reasons that are unashamedly staring us all in the face.

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The CMO’s Guide to Mobile Marketing

CMO guide
This content marketing e-book is a great resource for your business.

The modern day marketing mix is vastly different than the days of yore.  Previously, marketers only had print, TV and radio to choose from.  Budgets and the target audience dictated where and how your brand, products and services were presented. Now, it is a totally different set of parameters.  Your prospective customer is bombarded with far more messages in more places from the time they wake up to the time they turn off their tablet and fall asleep. Where do you and your company fit in?

This guide explains the fastest growing marketing channel, the mobile device, and its myriad users. From mobile search to SMS, MMS to Push Marketing and DMP, learn how it all applies to you and your branding goals this year.

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