World Environment Day

We here at APi-Marketing LOVE the outdoors so we as a group decided this year to celebrate World Environment Day by getting out and enjoying the fabulous outdoor recreation we have in Northern California.

World Environment day is about getting out and enjoying nature. To breathe in the beauty and remembering that we need to keep our planet healthy and safe!

World Environment Day is the biggest annual event for positive environmental action. This unofficial holiday started in 1972 and is always held on June 5th every year. This year’s theme was Connecting People to Nature and a few of us did just that. We went out and explored the outdoors, listened to the tranquility of the outdoors and just soaked up all that mother earth has gifted us with. This year’s theme invites you to think about how we are part of nature and how intimately we depend on it. It challenges us to find fun and exciting ways to experience and cherish this vital relationship.


Although the official World Environment Day was June 5th which was a Monday we went out the weekend before.

We invite you to get out and explore the benefit to living in Northern California. Look for future posts about where to go and what to see around us!

Be One With Nature

There are many days we like to celebrate here at API-marketing, especially the ones that have to do with the great outdoors. Although we are an indoor company the majority of our employees love the fresh air and serenity of being outside. This year as a group we have decided to celebrate World Environment Day. As a company we work hard to be good to the environment. We have taken out a lot of our landscape in front of our shop, we water as little as possible, we recycle everything we can and we make sure to get outside and enjoy what mother earth has given us. This is why we have chosen to celebrate World Environment Day.

World Environment Day is a day to connect with the environment around you. It is a day that was created to encourage worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. It is a day to take action and do something for our world. Whether doing it locally, nationally or globally take a moment in time to do something that will give back to our future selves. It is something that can be done on your own, with a group or even an organization. This year’s theme is “Connecting people with Nature”. It is telling us to get out and enjoy nature, it’s beauty and the world around us.

Although this wonderful day is falling on Monday June 5th and we can’t close up we have chosen to celebrate in the days leading up to it. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to see what we have been up to!


Giving Like a Big DOG


If you haven’t heard of Big Day of Giving, you have either been living under a rock, are not from Northern California, or not on social media at all in the entire month of April!

For those that don’t know about it or don’t know the details, Big Day of Giving is a yearly event in the beginning of May and this year was held on May 4th. It is a program in the greater Sacramento region created to help spread the word of philanthropy. It is a twenty-four hour challenge for almost 600 non-profits to get as many online donations as possible. This big push for one full day of donating helps non-profits spread the word of the good work they do. The event helps to draw attention to all the amazing non-profits in our region. The goal is to bring donors and non-profits together for an experience to remember forever, or at least until the next year.

Along with the many donations from donors, there are also prizes given from sponsors throughout the day to help build momentum. Each hour a prize of $1,000 is given to the non-profit that got the most donations during that hour. There is a $1,000 donor prize each hour that goes to the non-profit that has the most unique donors during that hour. A booster prize is one that is a randomly selected donation from that hour adding anywhere from $250 to $1,000 to boost that donation. And lastly the blast off booster prize in which one of the donations made within the first 10 minutes of the event starting at midnight will get boosted by $1,000.

This year was the 4th year of the event and again it was a HUGE success! Raising nearly $7,200,000 from thousands of donors beating last years totals by nearly $100,000. This years donations brought the total to more than $23,000,000 in donations. The leader of the pack for the past three years is non other than one of our favorite printing partners Placer Land Trust. They have raised the most money during this event for the last three years and almost were the leader the first year but came in at a close second. We are happy to partner with them all year long for all their print and marketing needs!

Placer land trust logo

Although a large portion of the non-profits were from the immediate Sacramento region there was a great representation from the Placer County region as well and we are happy to call many of them our partners. We look forward to this event every year, helping out great non-profits exceed their donation goals. Every one of the non-profits are winners and we would like to congratulate them all!


Pallet Re-purposing Contest

It all started with an office chat about how we can celebrate Earth Day as a company. Lot’s of ideas were thrown around such as helping to clean up the American River, cleaning up a park or even going on a hike as a company but none sounded like something we could get a lot of hype from our coworkers for. After pondering for a bit we thought about building something and then thought of what we could build and why it would pertain to Earth Day. Then the light bulb hit… We have an almost endless supply of pallets (it’s what all out paper comes in on) and we have some creative employees!

We started off as maybe building something as a company and then we decided to make it a little more interesting and make it a competition. To add to the fun we made sure that everything that went in to the project was to be re-purposed excluding the fasteners (nails, screws, hinges) and the paint or stain. We got a lot of excitement out of all our coworkers and had almost the whole shop on board to make something. As time went by it dwindled down to four solid projects and a few people wishing they had time to do one. As we got closer to finishing we asked one of our closest customers Preserva Products if they had any stain lying around that we could use for our projects. They graciously gave us four gallons of different color stains to use and they were beautiful colors.

Rae our main customer service gal made a beautiful coffee table with her husband Kyle. Danielle our graphic designer made an awesome windowsill planter box and even re-purposed a plant from her compost pile. My project was a joint effort with my husband Ian and we made a little table for our three year old daughter (chairs to come later).

The projects all turned out amazing but there was one that stood well above the others. Jordan our WINNER made an out of this world bench and table. The bench includes a re-purposed galvanized metal bucket that can be used with ice for drinks. He even created the star stencil out of other pallet boards to be able to burn the star into the table.

The pallet project competition was a HUGE hit and really made a bigger impact on social media than we had thought. After only four days of Facebook voting we reached over 6400 people and almost 4500 of those were organic. We had twenty-five shares, sixty-seven comments and three hundred and twenty-three likes on Facebook. It by far exceeded any of our expectations.







Stay tuned for another pallet re-purposing competition later in the Summer that will include our friends, family and customers!

Go paperless, go green. Not really!

How long have we been hearing that? Well, it’s not true, it doesn’t save trees and it doesn’t make our planet greener.

Over the last 30 years “going paperless is going green” has been the slogan of hundreds of corporations  trying to sell you on the idea that if you pay online or view your bill online, you will save trees. The facts don’t bear it out. What is true is, if you go online, the corporations save money on postage and they get their money faster. What they have been doing is called “green washing”.

Over the last several years, over 150 of the Fortune 1000 companies have removed that slogan from all of their communication. Yes, you can still view and pay your bill on-line but not because it saves the planet, because it saves them money.
Paper and print is a better choice when it comes to the environment. In fact the electronic communication industry has more than double the carbon footprint of the paper and print industry. Print is down and electronics are up solely based on the recycling of the product. Over 75% of all paper and packaging products are recycled. Some go to remaking paper and paperboard but most are turned into fuel to create energy for the paper manufactures. How’s that for be good stewards of the planet! As for electronic waste, about 15% of all e-waste worldwide is recycled. That means 85% is going into landfill containing hazardous substances like cadmium, lead and mercury creating emissions, which can include dioxins, furans, and cyanide. Continue reading Go paperless, go green. Not really!

That’s a Wrap!

horse trailer wraphorse trailer wrap

We put the finishing touches on this fabulous horse trailer wrap in March. It was a pretty impressive size! Backcountry Horsemen of California helps maintain the trails in CA for all of us to enjoy, and it was a wonderful experience donating our time and resources to this cause.

He Named Me Malala

Thursday Feb 4th APi-marketing is sponsoring the screening of this inspiring film about a 15-year-old girl from Pakistan who was wounded by the Taliban and is now leading a campaign for girl’s education globally.

Yep, folks this is heavy stuff and this young woman decided to risk her life to speak out for what she believes in and is now a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate!

As a longtime Soroptimist, and a sometime feminist, I am glad that the State Theater has brought this film back a second time for local viewing and am honored that we are able to sponsor the evening. Won’t you join us? Run time is 90 minutes, admission is $8.00 and it starts at 7 pm.

API-Marketing Gives Back

Women of Worth DonationFor the last 4 years, in lieu of giving our customers gifts during the Holiday season, we have been giving the money which would have been spent on gifts, to a worthy non- profit. This past December, APi-marketing “Gives Back” campaign was geared towards a non-profit with a focus on women in need. The campaign had three nonprofit organizations for the public to choose from and vote for; Women Of Worth, Stand Up Placer (Formerly Peace for Families) and HEART. Continue reading API-Marketing Gives Back

Giving Back

Merrill receives award

Merrill receiving certificate from Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery on a hot 4th of July afternoon!
Merrill Kagan-Weston, President of Auburn Printers & Integrated Marketing was honored by her service club, Soroptimist International of the American River as the recipient of the Auburn Chamber of Commerce “Outstanding Dedicated Service to our Community” award along with several other local service club members at the recent 4th of July festivities at the Gold Country Fairgrounds. Continue reading Giving Back