What is EDDM?

We are frequently asked, “how can I spread my name to potential customers, but not spend a fortune?” Well one good way is the use of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) offered by the United States Post Office. We had so many people asking about this service that we decided to present a live webinar of all that it features. Our first webinar was such a big success and so well received we decided to continue to do more of them. Continue reading What is EDDM?

Every Door Direct Mail

Spring is here. It’s time to get back to marketing your business

The economy is slowly turning to the positive and it’s time to get back in the game. If you don’t your competitors are!  If you are ready for new customers and want to reconnect with repeat customers the answer may be Every Door Direct Mail or better known as EDDM. The United States Postal Service has been pushing this method over the last year and it is a great value for businesses that utilize it. EDDM is well known for local retail and services businesses get a vast majority of their new customers and more business from existing customers from their surrounding area. Some businesses report over 90% if of their business comes from within only a few miles from their store or office. So if you think that that hat fits your head EDDM should be a no brainer. Continue reading Every Door Direct Mail

How to Use a Call List with Your Drip Marketing Campaign

Learn tried and true theories from a Drip Marketing Certified Consultant on how to use a Call List stage to follow up with your hottest leads. I just listened to a webinar by Stacy Roach from Power of 3 Consulting, “How to Use a Call List with Your Drip Marketing Campaign.” Stacy, a veteran ACT! Certified Consultant and longtime Swiftpage user and reseller, talked about several principles that struck me as to the power of a tightly integrated E-marketing solution like ACT! E-marketing. Continue reading How to Use a Call List with Your Drip Marketing Campaign

Lumpy Mail: An Engine for Lead-Generation

There’s nothing quite like a box or bulging padded envelope in the mail. It makes your inner child hop up and down, tug your sleeve and ask — nay, nag: “What’s inside? Huh? HUH? WHAT’S INSIDE?” This happens even when the package contains something you ordered. The effect is multiplied when it’s something you didn’t order. An eager, inner child dwells within us all. Even hard-to-reach corporate curmudgeons, who take pride in chucking unopened direct mail or delegating the task to administrative assistants, harbor such a child. And that is precisely why well-executed lumpy mail works. It has the uncanny ability to find its way to the curmudgeon’s hands — and heart. It even charms their administrative assistants, some of whom, rumor has it, also once had hearts. Continue reading Lumpy Mail: An Engine for Lead-Generation