5 Ways to Encourage Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer has affect nearly every circle of family and friends in some way. It is so prevalent that it also seeps into workplace circles, which is why a business may feel the need to reach out and show its support.

Many people think of Susan B. Komen when they think of Breast Cancer awareness. They do for a good reason; the foundation has a well-marketed campaign each year and some very clear goals of helping women get informed, screened, treated, and alive! But what can you do in your own community that helps people on a local level?

Your business has many opportunities to promote awareness. Here are just a few:

  1. Provide information to your employees and clients alike on breast cancer. Get the most recent facts and figures from the American Cancer Society. You can chose many ways to display this information: brochures, white papers, flyers, posters, booklets, etc.
  2. Promotional products for givaways. There are a ton of promotional products that can contribute to awareness. People have come to recognize the color pink as being associated with breast cancer awareness, but perhaps you can take it a step further and put an important, recognizable fact or hashtag on the promo product as well.
  3. Participate in or organize a walk, marathon, and/or fundraiser as a company. If the event is during the week, it may mean you’ll need to give your employees some paid time so they can afford to join you.
  4. Update your social media and website to reflect your support. This could be as simple as putting a pink ribbon next to your logo.
  5. Team up with an organization in your community dedicated to preventing,¬†and provide support during, breast cancer. This October we’ve decided to contribute $10 of every order ($50 if a new client!) to Placer Breast Cancer Foundation. The Foundation is a volunteer based group that includes breast cancer survivors and community activists dedicated to raising monies in order to fund research, education and outreach throughout our five county region. Just mention the foundation when placing your order. For more info on PBCF, visit their website: www.placerbreastcancerfoundation.org