Tevis Forum 2022

facebook @farrierproductdistribution instagram @fpdinc youtube @farrierproducts Scan Code to Watch SX-Bold in Action FPD IS PROUD TO BE THE OFFICIAL FARRIER SPONSOR FOR THE 2022 TEVIS CUP Bold er W I D E R More Support SX 8 ALSO TRY NEW! FOOTPRO DIM IMPRESSION MATERIAL AND 3D SUPPORT PADS VETTEC HOOFCARE AND DIAMOND ACCESSORIES n Bolder, wider toe than regular SX-8 unclipped n Additional wear, support and modication options n New 5-nail pattern with set back toe nail provides additional nailing options n Built-in sole relief n V-crease provides more secure nail t n Broader toe shape with slightly narrower branches offer additional support to horses in need n Punched for City, Slim or Combo Slim nails The SX-8 BOLD is the newest addition to the widely popular SX line of Kerckhaert horseshoes. Available in front sizes 00, 0, 1 and 2, unclipped only.