Tevis Forum 2022

TEVIS FORUM 2022 - 1 www.teviscup.org RISING FROM THE ASHES We did it! After a year off for Covid, the incredible organization that is The Western States Trail Foundation resolved that, no matter what, we were going to put on a ride. Easier said than done. With a year off, we lost volunteers. Sev- eral important Head Vol- unteers moved away. The Forest Service an- nounced that we couldn’t use the campground at Robinson Flat due to the danger of falling trees. The fire danger was ex- treme. There were no water trucks; they were all on fire duty. There were no porta-potties; no companies wanted to drive that far. Squaw Valley was building a gondola over the ridge to Alpine Meadows, and we couldn’t use a portion of the traditional trail up to High Camp. And those were just some of the problems. Where some people see problems, others see challenges. Ride director, Chuck Stalley, is that kind of guy. Flat bed trailers with large tanks and prefilling tanks on the hill solved the water problem. Going farther afield, he found toilets that could be delivered on time. Robinson Flat Head Volunteer Debby Lyon is that kind of lady. With help from Lori Stewart, she was able to use probationers from Placer County through the Sheriff’s department. With their help, and the efforts of Tevis volunteers, a log land- ing was turned into a vet check by raking several tons of gravel to create smooth trotting lanes, and by making clearings in the trees for crews to serve their riders. Lady misfortune wasn’t done with us. There were fires on three sides and the air quality was questionable the afternoon before the ride. It improved enough overnight that it was safe to put on the ride. Lady misfortune still wasn’t done. The morning of the ride, a fire started in Little Duncan Canyon, only several miles from the trail. But, the Spirit of the Trail wouldn’t have it. Miraculously, there were five employees of the Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) there at the time, and they got the fire out. The ride went on. That magical ride, the journey over the mountains that tantalizes every horseman that hears of it, wrote yet another chapter. And the hun- dreds of volunteers were there to make sure that every rider and horse had what they needed at the vet checks. And a crew of veterinarians were at the checks to safeguard the welfare of the horses, and to treat some who needed it. I spent the wee hours of the morning at Net Control and got a glimpse of the amazing coordination that exists between Net Control, the radio teams, the vets, and the volunteers, as they rescued a horse that went off the trail just before No W estern s tates t rail F oundation Officers wstf Jeff Herten, President Jenni Smith, Vice President Kathie Perry, Vice President Carrie Ellinwood, Corporate Secretary Crysta Turnage, Treasurer WSTF President Jeff Herten WSTF TEVIS FORUM FORUM Manager: Jerry Wittenauer Co-Editors: Barbara Jacinto & JayaMae Gregory Print Layout and Design: Barbara Jacinto Advertising Sales: J. 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