Tevis Forum 2012

Vettec protects, supports and promotes a thick healthy sole. United States s %AST (UENEME 2OAD s /XNARD #ALIFORNIA s 53! s Europe s :ONNEBAAN s ., %# 5TRECHT s 4HE .ETHERLANDS s www.vettec.com Sole-Guard Equi-Pak|CS Equi-Pak Equi-Pak|Soft Sole Protection & Support for the Unshod Foot Soft & Supportive Instant Pad Material for Thrush Soft & Supportive Instant Pad Material Extra Soft Instant Pad Material for Use Under Pads 6! 4%60!+ Equi-Pak 100 mile protection - Tevis 2011. Heather Davis Posthumous Recipient of 2011 Dru Barner Award Presented with honor and gratitude to those who have contributed to and upheld the goals of the Western States Trail Foundation and have helped maintain the integrity and dignity of the world-class event known around the globe as The Tevis. Heather Davis was a guiding force on the Western States Board of Governors until her death in 2002. Under her direction, the Friends of the Western States Trail Alliance (FOWSTA) was formed, she initiated the “Adopt the Trail” campaign, created the endowment fund for WSTF, and was the co-creator of the Tevis Forum— among other WSTF benchmarks. And oh yes, she earned 12 Tevis buckles along the way. Above all, Heather was loved, admired and respected by everyone. We miss you, Heather, and hope that this Dru Barner Award is a reminder of our deep and lingering love for you. Heather Davis’ daughter Poppy (two-time buckle winner) traveled from Washington D.C. to accept the Dru Barner Award on behalf of her mother. WSTF board member Jeff Herten M.D. presented the plaque. (photo by Lynne Glazer)