CDS Dressage Letters July 2021

JULY 2021 V. 27, I 7 CALIFORNIA DRESSAGE SOCIETY CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 Linda O’Carroll Memorial Adult Amateur Clinic As part of the CDS Adult Amateur Clinic, June 4-6, 2021, each rider writes about their experience. These are wonderful accounts of their weekend and what key learnings they took away from working with Clinician Volker Brommann at the Hinnemann Farm. I hope this gives you inspiration to put your name in for next year’s CDS amateur clinic! To the Riders - Excellent riding! It was an absolute pleasure to spend the weekend with you and watch you ride. To Volker Brommann - I so enjoyed watching you school the riders and their horses. What an amazing teacher you are – so patient, kind, and a desire to teach incremental improvements! And a special thank you to Samantha Bantugan for all the wonderful picture taking. Karen Nocket Cristina Kayvon and Baltimore Inland Communities Chapter My horse, Baltimore, and I had the pleasure of riding in the CDS amateur clinic for the fourth time representing our chapter, Inland Communities. Hinnemann Farms was an excellent location for the clinic and all the staff were so hospitable. I really enjoyed meeting other adult amateurs from around California who show the same passion for their horses and dressage. Riding with Volker Brommann was a fantastic experience! Volker is an excellent instructor and truly cares about the well- being of the horses. I learned that harmony between horse and rider is important and he gave several exercises to enhance that. Particularly, he assisted me with flexion exercises. Riding essentially “a reverse shoulder in.” After a few times down the long side in each direction, my horse became more supple in the jaw. I also learned switching up bridles, snaffle to a double and back to a snaffle, really helps the rider engage the snaffle bit while riding with the double. It was helpful to ride with Volker in both! Thank you to CDS, Hinnemann Farms, Volker Brommann, and our wonderful organizer Karen Nocket for a great learning opportunity!