Dressage Letters June 2021

JUNE 2021 V. 27, I 6 CALIFORNIA DRESSAGE SOCIETY CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 Foothills Chapter Report 2020 Ana Gilmour ~ Chapter Chair As Chair of the Foothills Chapter, I have been honored and humbled to work with some amazing volunteers this year.   As with everyone this year, 2020 was a rocky time. However, we were very thankful to be able to attend some shows, put on our annual fund raising competition, as well as create a wonderful year end Christmas video for our committed members. It was an enjoyable time to create the video and it was in place of our regular holiday/awards party, so we also announced our scholarship winners as well as our members’ achievements which were many, including Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal earners among other accomplishments. This year, our Juniors have started a “Junior Gift Shop” and will continue this into 2021 in which they customize and create items such as hand made brow bands and sell them for fund raising. We gave many scholarships out this year to riders including Adults Amateurs, Juniors as well as Open riders. Recipients were very grateful and have already commented that they are looking forward to putting in more hours of volunteer work in order to continue to be eligible for scholarships next year.  A clinic with Melissa Creswick was an awesome experience