May Dressage Letters

MAY 2021 V. 27, I 5 CALIFORNIA DRESSAGE SOCIETY CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 PAULA LANGAN / CENTRAL OFFICE, SUSAN BAXTER / CARMEL VALLEY, MELISSA CRESWICK / CDS BOARD / CENTRAL COAST, CASSEY MELLO / DELTA SIERRA, JOAN WILLIAMS / CDS PRESIDENT AND SANTA CRUZ, SARAH BORREY / GAVILAN, JENNIFER NUCKTON / CARMEL VALLEY, RUTH SHIRKEY / CDS BOARD / EAST BAY, JENNIFER NUNES / VENTURA, ANIAH SWEENY / CENTRAL VALLEY, NANCY SZAKACS / CDS BOARD / GAVILAN, ELLEN COROB / SAN LUIS OBISPO, ANNE HOWARD / SANTA CRUZ, KAREN CHRISTENSEN / SANTA BARBARA, LAUREN WINFIELD / SANTA CRUZ Melissa Creswick Karen Christensen Central Valley Chapter Report 2020 Aniah Sweeny ~ Chapter Chair The Central Valley Chapter of the California Dressage Society changed its logo and name in 2020, from the Fresno Chapter to the Central Valley Chapter. As a result, all marketing and contact information was changed to reflect the new name, ie Central Valley CDS in Facebook, website, and email address. The 2020 Awards Dinner was held on March 3rd at Cattleman’s Ranch and was well attended with a great slide show, good food and fun, and many awards handed out. On December 5th, Craig Stanley held our annual Toys for Tots schooling show. Craig did a wonderful job organizing everyone and setting up for the show at La Dolce Vita in Clovis, California. It was a “sold out” show, well attended, and ended almost at the anticipated time for the last rider. Many riders were anxious to “get out” and attend an event!