CDS Dressage Letters Jan 2021

JANUARY 2021 V. 27, I 1 CALIFORNIA DRESSAGE SOCIETY USDF Convention Goes Virtual By Connie Davenport In addition to the Education offerings, Committee reports, the minutes of the Board of Governors (BOG) and, eventually, the minutes of the Board of Directors will be published on www.usdf. org Even though the virtual Convention offered access to every meeting without overlap, the face-to-face meetings are much more fun to cover.  One of the reasons there was no overlap was that each Committee report was pre-recorded in eight minute segments.  That got the job done.  However, normally the committees meet for an hour or so each at Convention and the audience interactions have often been valuable to the work of the Committees. That was missing. Even so, what was presented was in most cases accurate and worthwhile - hence the Thumbs Up ... sometimes several Thumbs! As an aside, should we be referring to the Board of Directors as BOD? THE COUNCILS TheAdministrative, Technical and Activities Councils were the first of the virtual presentations, on Wednesday, December 2. The various Committees on each Council were videoed in advance (8 minutes! CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 AMANDA CIEJKO SENIOR OPERATIONS COORDINATOR, CHELSEY BURRIS SENIOR MARKETING COORDINATOR, MARGARET FREEMAN SECRETARY, LISA GORRETTA PRESIDENT, LORRAINE MUSSELMAN TREASURER, CONNIE HUY SENIOR DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS, KEVIN REINIG VICE PRESIDENT, STEPHAN HIENZSCH EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, SARA GARN ADMINISTRATION MANAGER