CDS Dressage Letters Dec 2020

DECEMBER 2020 V. 26, I 12 CALIFORNIA DRESSAGE SOCIETY Linda O’Carroll Memorial Adult Amateur Clinic presented by Adequan Becky Armstrong and Monte East Bay Chapter I’d expressed my interest in participating in the clinic with Kathleen Raine early this year but was on the waitlist to go. As this crazy pandemic year continues, I felt very lucky to be asked shortly before the clinic if I still wanted to participate given the date change….YES! Kathleen’s overriding theme was suppleness closely followed by “up – together – in front of you!” I found it very interesting how she used the same basic patterns to supple the horses and then introduced variations to address specific issues horses/ riders might be having. It was unfortunate that the pandemic essentially eliminated auditors from coming and learning but for those of you who missed this opportunity I actually found an article after the clinic that might give you a taste of we lucky riders learned and experienced riding with Kathleen. Dressage Today’s article on Kathleen can be found at: https:// in-dressage ! I’d like to thank the East Bay Chapter for selecting and supporting my attendance, Michele Vaughn for hosting the clinic at her facility – Starr Vaughn, and a thank you to all the other horse and rider teams who came and helped make this such an educational event for all! Cathy Conk and Bogie San Francisco Peninsula Chapter I was originally selected as an alternate for the San Francisco Peninsula Chapter. I was happy to be an alternate, and excited for my fellow chapter CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 RENEWAL NOTICE INSIDE