CDS Dressage Letters Aug 2020

CALIFORNIA DRESSAGE SOCIETY AUGUST 2020 V. 26, I 8 CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 Although many members join CDS because they are going to show, and some do not even renew until they are ready to enter their first show (or are at the show office), CDS membership dollars are not completely show oriented, but rather devoted to communication, education and membership service. CDS is all about communication and in as many forms as possible, print, web, email, facebook and phone. CDS relies on membership growth to fund its educational programs and communication structure. I have tried to extract the expenses that come out of themembership dues and break them down into a pie chart to give you some idea about how your $75 is spent. The first thing to point out is that right off the top, CDS sends $24 of that $75 to USDF to sign you up as a Group Member of USDF. That figure accounted for over $74,000 of CDS expenses in 2019. This can also save the member from having to spend $90 to join USDF as a Participating Member if not aiming for Regional Finals or Breed Awards. The biggest chunk out of the pie is the ADMINISTRATION . In this piece of the pie I have lumped together several categories of expenses covered by your dues. The largest lump is the Central Office but that includes payroll, office rent, equipment, outside labor, repairs, bookkeeping, internet, and telephone and nowwebsite expenses, zoom webinars and email blasts. The membership cannot be serviced by just one person and now takes two full time people to keep up with the emails and calls and questions. This is your primary membership service category. The work this piece of the pie represents to you is reflected in the production of Dressage Letters, membership tracking, new member packets, renewal notices, updates, email notifications, check deposits, credit card transactions, How Does CDS Spend My $75? ADMINISTRATIONPRI T POST USDF BENEFITS EDUCATION ASSOC FEESPUBLICITY 157000 58000 74000 17000 48000 19000 7000 ADMINISTRATION PRINT POST USDF BENEFITS EDUCATION ASSOC FEES PUBLICITY AWARDS INSURANCE SOUTH JRYR CHAMPIONSHIP MOVES TO GALWAY DOWNS AUGUST 15-16 CDS / USDF Championship Location Moved To Del Mar Horse Park Same Date 9/24-27