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Left:Heather andFrenchOpen, akaHadeia going throughForesthill.
Above: Presentedwith the2014TevisCupbyBoardofGovernors
memberMarcVanZuuk. (photographbyLynneGlazer)
Right:Heather andHadeiaonRedStar. (photographbyDominique)
Winning theTevisCup
he Tevis 2014 Race was an unbeleivably fun day. It all started
withHillorie callingmeupabout 6months before the race asking if
Iwould like to ride FrenchOpen. At the time I declined as Jeremy
andIwere intheprocessof tryingtomaketheUSAEnduranceteam
to represent theUSAat theWEG inNormandy, France.
As the ride got closer it was to be Becky Hart riding French
Open.That seemed like thatwouldhavebeena fundayaswell.Un-
fortunatelyas theridegotevencloserBeckygot injured.Hilloriewas
bummedandaskedmeagain. Jeremyand Ihadnowmade the team
so therewere less questionmarkshanging. . . Iwas in.
IhadnotriddenFrenchOpen, akaHadeia(meaninggift). Iflew
outtoCA inAugusttocrewforJeremyontheWesternStates100mile
run(yes,onfoot,withoutahorse!)Jeremydid incrediblywellfinishing
in 21:32. After his run I stayed to visitwithmy family and friends.
I alsoplannedduringmy trip to rideHadeiaon theFireworks 50.
Theweekendbefore theFireworks ride Iwentup toAuburn to
rideHadeiaona short ride just to seehowhewas.MarkSchuerman
brought himup to the overlook, or finish line, forme to ride.Mark
had been trainingHadeia and he had also trained and ridden him
on the twopreviousTevis rides.TogetherMarkandHadeiacame in
11th in2012and7th in2013.
Mark toldmea few thingsabout thehorse, onewas thatHadeia
isoff therace trackandran89 timesduringhiscareerasaracehorse.
Afterourconversationawaywewent toCalifornia. Ireallygot tosee
how thishorsemakesdecisions on this ride.Cool guy.
The Fireworks ridewentwell.Wewon and receivedBC. Iwas
feeling really goodaboutTeviswhen Iflewback toFlorida.
I flew back to California a few days before Tevis andHadeia
lookedperfect.Markhadhim at a great bodyweight andhe looked
fresh.WhenwewerefinallyupatRobie Ipre- rodeHadeia tomake
sure I had all ofmy tack.He is one squirrelydudewhen it comes to
thepre-ride.Healmost ranus in to thebackof a truck!Hehaddone
the same thingatFireworks so Iwasn’t surprised.
In themorningHadeiawas a gentleman, nothing like the pre-
ride. Itwas smooth sailinguntilRobinsonFlat.Hadeiawasn’t eating
like he shouldhave been.Therewas a blooddraw there for a study.
About5minutesbeforewewereoutmycrewwent togogivemyout
timeand saw that therewasaboardwithhorse’snumberson it if the
forarecheckand then saddledupreallyquicklyandgotoutof there.
All theway toChickenHawk Iwas trying to getmy horse back in
thegameas faraseatinganddrinking.AtChickenHawkhesnapped
back tohimself. I felt great about that!!
From the canyons onwardsTom Johnson, Tennessee Lane and
I rode together. FromForesthill to Francisco the three of uswere a
group.Weall stayeda fewminutesto feedourhorses.Therewasabig
group thatcaughtusatFrancisco.We three, again left there together
androdeasagrouptotheQuarry, the lastcheck.Weallpulseddown
and let the horses eat a fewminutes.Then the same group that had
caughtus atFrancisco started toarrive.Time to get out ofDodge.
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