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This yearsWestern States Trail Ride (TEVIS) is dedic ted to all those
wonderful four-legged equines that have crossed themountains in hopes
of reachingAuburn.
Theyarriveevery summerona fullmoonweekend in theSierra
NevadaMountainsnear LakeTahoe. Theycome fromall over the
UnitedStates, Canada, and, often, places far away. Theirback-
groundsvary from the royallybred thatwereconceived for this
weekend tocast-o s thatwere rescuedandgivena second
chanceat life. Someare largeand someare small; theycome in
manycolors. Theyareprepared for theheatwithclippedcoats
andbraidedmanes. Eachoneof them isa ne-tuned, elite
athlete.They sense theelectricity in theair. Theycall for their
friends, and theypaw innervousanticipationat their trailers.
Theymaycomeone timeonly to thisplace in theSierraor they
maycomeannually formore thanadecade. Theyarehard to
control in thecool brisknessof theearlymorning, startingdown
the roadwithabout 200of their kind. By25miles, theybecome
true teammates,workingonagoal in tandemwith theirpartners.
Theyare ridden, led, and tailed, but theyarealwaysgoing
forward. Theydrinkand snatchgrassalong the trail, and theyare
examinedand refreshedat the stops. Theypersevere through
theheatof theday, even though the taskhasbecomearduous.
When the sunand temperaturegodown, theyare rein-
vigorated. Team leadershippasses to them in thedark-
ness, for it is they thathave thebetter visionand the four
agile feet.Theycross theAmericanRiver, relishing the
coolingwateron their legsandbellies. Knowing theyare
nearing thegoal, theypickup thepaceon the river road.
Theyclimb toward the lightsofAuburnandcanter
around the stadium. Theycarryus for 100miles in less
than24hours. Theyendurewithout complaint. They
allowus to realizeourdreams, and theydo it forone
Theydo it becauseweask.
It iswithgrati-
tude that isbeyondmeasure that the2015TevisCup
Ride isdedicated to the thousandsof nobleequines,
from1955 to2015, thathave traveled theWesternStates
“My treasuresdonot chinkor glitter,
Theygleam in the sunandneigh in thenight”
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