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believed in his heart, and he had trust
in our partnership. Itwas themost ex-
hilarating sixmiles I have ever ridden.
Quakebroke intohisbigcanterandwe
passed the leaders within minutes of
leaving the check. The cheering crowd
aswe crossedNoHands Bridge sent a
rush of adrenaline through us both as
wecanteredthebridge inthemoonlight.
I cannot describe the electric energy
coursing throughour veins.
So did this experience change my
life? Without question, yes. The work
gettingtherewasa journey thatgaveme
the lessons, love, gratitude and respect
of setting a goal and stretching for it.
Do I thinkwinning is the onlyway to
feel this? Certainly not. Everyonewho
starts this ride understands this, feels
this. Was I the only winner that day?
Not even close: every rider and horse
team that crosses the finish line at the
Auburn fairgrounds isawinner:Quake
and I onlygot therefirst.
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Above: RustyToth andQuake vetting
in atRobiePark. (photograph byLynne
Left: RustyToth andQuake presenting
to veterinarians at finish line inAuburn.
(photograph byLynneGlazer)
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