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Itwas twentyyearsagowhenKateand the lateHeatherDavis, formu-
lated the creationof theTevis Forum. Katebecame itseditor and the
Forumbecame the singlemost importantmarketing tool andpublica-
tion for theWesternStatesTrail Ride.TheForum singularlybindsall
thepiecesof theRide together in theyear roundevent. It ispackedwith
historyand informativematerial for ridersand fansalikeandhasbecome
thebest tangible recordof theWesternStatesTrail Foundation, sponsor
of theWesternStatesTrail Ride100-MilesOne-DayTevisCupRide.
Promptedbya suggestion fromKarenNelson, KateandHeatherDavis
also carriedout avision thathasbecomeknownasFOWSTA (Friendsof
theWesternStatesTrail Alliance) thathasproven tobewildly successful
in raisingmoney for theEndowment Fund that supports theWestern
Kateoffers insight to the role sheplays,“Theorganization ismadeupof
multiple facets thatwhen combined create thebest eventpossible.The
range includes theadministrationof theWesternStatesTrail Foundation,
FOWSTA, RideManagement including the ridersandhorses coupledwith
theVeterinary control for thewell beingof thehorses to the sponsors;
eachare lofty components in theirown right contributing to the success
of theRide.The core-focusof theentireorganization, of course, is the
WesternStatesTrail.All of theseelementsaregalvanized together in the
The 2014
Tevis CupRide –
Dedicated to
Tevis Forumandarepivotal tokeeping theRide inperpetuity.
Whenaskedwhathasbeenher favoritepartofworkingon the
Forum, Katewasquick to reply,“I lovedworkingon the50
AnniversaryWesternStatesTrail Ride, itwas sowonderful to
bringall thehistorical photographs together that culminated
in thedecades longevent. “I know inmy lifetime, Iwill never
havea chance toagainattainwhat the50
yearof thisRide
meant tome.”
Notonlydoes shevalueher seat asamemberof theBoard
ofGovernors she says,“I feel it isa tremendoushonor tobea
memberof theCupCommittee. I takemy rolevery seriouslyand
feel it ismyduty touphold the integrityof theprinciples. Some-
times I feel like I am thepersonwho takes the ‘lantern into the
dark’when it comes toaddressing tough issues. Bymaking sure
thatweasagroup,make soundandproperdecisionsandabide
by the rules set forthby theBoardofGovernors.”
ThankyouKate foryourdedicationanddevotion to this
event forover30years.TheentireTeviscommunity isso
s amember of theBoardofGovernors for over twodecades, KateRiordan confesses that
WesternStatesTrail Foundationhasmeant tohermore than she can ever express.
Photo takenat the2014TevisTalk.
Kate seated, LindaTellington-Jones on the leftand
ShannonWeil, standing. (photographbyBillGore)
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