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Winning theHaggin Cup
ur destiny of winning the Haggin
Cup in 2013 came fromdetermination,
concentration,divine justicewhichwas
put into motion. The win included a
performanceof livesandsoulsofpeople
and horses intermingledwith dreams
and thehonest beautyof peopledoing
thebest that they can.
 I am grateful for the chance to
have riddenTevison July21, 2013, and
to be awarded the prestigious Haggin
Cup.  When Julio and I were given
an opportunity to ride, we had lots of
pent up desire and we were ready to
give it allwe could! Iwish to thankmy
husbandTonywho said, “go ride, I’ve
got your back.”We were blessedwith
good health that summer so Julio and
I were ready for a proper challenge!
The Tevis organizers, staff, competi-
tors,volunteersandsponsorsmake this
adventure a fun, challenging honor in
which to participate. Tevis has its own
culture, it is an institution that is awe-
some tobeapart of.
 2013 would be my fifth attempt
to buckle at Tevis.Most attemptswere
lastminuteopportunities tocatcharide
straighttoRobiePark.  Thefirsttimewas
(SummitFeed, ParkCity,Ut.)gotme to
Robie just intimetovet in,atabout4.45p
Friday!  We hadheadwinds across I-80
intoCaliforia.Dennis andLiisa crewed
forKashmirand I, andyeswebuckled!
InMayof 2013 Imet and rodewith
SueBashamandKC (Wyo.) atMt.Car-
mel.  Wewere complete strangers and
somehowendedup togetheron the trail
sowerode together foracoupleofdays.
overme because Tonywas alive to see
this. Julio andmany people had given
me a dream come true.  We were all
lucky torideandbealive in thesummer
of 2013and to share this special experi-
ence. It was a privilege to ride Tevis,
knowing thatTonyandour sonWesley
home! I worked hard to keep us both
in control, not to riskpoor choices and
beashappyand comfortable in the last
10milesof the trail ashewaswhenwe
were exercising before the ride. That
wasasimplestrategy thatprovedgood
enough for Julio, who I believed could
have takenmeall thewayback toRobie
Park Sunday afternoon.  Juliowas ‘on’
like I’venever seenhimbefore!
 I was so excited to show Julio the
whole Tevis trail. Julio keenly checked
out everybendand turn in the trail.He
loved showingoff at the vet checks; he
Above: SuzanneHedgecock andLZP
Julioslastchancewith friendMerriMelde.
Enjoying themoment of showingwell.
Left: SuzanneHedgecock andLZP
(photographs byLynneGlazer)
We hit it off !  I learned that Sue really
loved the 100 mile Tevis and that she
andKC, her feisty littlemare, had got-
ten9th in2012!  Fabulous! Iwondered if
Julioand I couldcatcha ride toAuburn
with them.Wemadea tentativeplan to
share the trip.
 Since I needed a crew I laid some
groundwork with Tara Rothwell (Id.)
withhopes to share her crew. Tarawas
anon-againoff-again entrant for Tevis,
but lastminuteplans (hermomwassick
andshewas thecaregiver)hadTaraand
Laseron theroster toride. Ididmybest
to ridewithTara andLaser, and itwas
fun, but in theend therewasbigdisap-
pointment when Laser was pulled at
Having justwanting to enjoy Julio,
the trail, friends and savor specialmo-
ments it was an overwhelming experi-
encewith emotions to be awarded the
HagginCupwith Julio.Gratitudeswept
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