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trolyte program andwe talked horses
over many a campfire. The Reynolds
program helped peak our horses for
the event.  
Lisa and I remember each and ev-
erymember of our teamandknow the
without them. Thank you formaking
The rocky trail conditions at Tevis
areoneof themany reasons thatfinish-
ing statistics are traditionally less than
fifty percent. Even with impeccable
planning your horse is unfortunately
one rock away from that perfect day.
Easyboots are growing in use at the
event and help limit your horse’s ex-
posure to the rough trail. First place,
secondplace, thirdplace, fourthplace,
ninth place, the Tevis Cup winner,
the Haggin Cup winner and 27 other
horse and rider teams finished the 100
mile Tevis Cup in 2012 in Easyboots.
The barefoot and booted endurance
horse is not only here to stay but can
andwill compete at the highest levels
of the sport. I’mproud to be part of a
company thathasbeenoneof the lead-
ers in challenging the status quoof the
horse industry.
one thatwill be remembered forever.
With thatsaidIstillhaveunfinished
dreams that will help fulfill the Tevis
journey. Finishing the Tevis Cupwith
mydaughter’shand inmine is the last
piece of the puzzle. Alyxx is now six
Six-year-oldAlyxxFord joined her fatherGarrett andThe Fury to accept thewinningTevisCup fromWesternStatesTrail
FoundationPresidentKathiePerry andWSTFBoard ofGovernorsmemberMarcVanZuuk.
Proud fatherGarrett says of his daughter: “I’m dreaming about her joiningme on the trail.”
(photograph byLynneGlazier)
The 2012LloydTevisCupmedallion
wasmade into a bracelet for LisaFord.
foreshe isallowed toride. Myultimate
dreamwill be to come back andfinish
hand in handwithAlyxx. It won’t be
just aboutfinishing— itwill be topass
on the samegiftsmyparentsandTevis
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