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port leadingup to,duringandafter the
2012Tevis. Lisaand I knewwehadfit,
veteranhorsesgoing into the2012event
andwe knewwe needed to assemble
thebest crewpossible.
Our 2012 crew started with Team
Ford—Amy, Rodger and Cole Ford.
Amy Fordwas the crew boss and ran
theshow. Mymom is theglue! Shehas
several Tevis buckles and has helped
each family member earn multiple
buckleswithher detailed crewing and
organization.  We owe everything to
nevergot into thisawesomesport.Dad
had thehard locations in2012andmade
a massive difference.  Dad has eight
Tevis buckles and knows the trail and
crewing better than anyone.  In 1997
Dad and I crossed the finish line hand
inhand. Ihavememories from thatday
that stillmakeme laugh and tear. My
younger brother Cole came out from
Tucsonand took careofLisaandme in
themost difficult crew areas.
Nextmention inmy speechwould
have been a gracious thank you to the
other 2012 crew members. Duncan
McLaughlincameover fromAustralia.
Dunc performed countless hours of
Surround yourself
with only people
who are going to
lift you higher.
For the thirdTevis in a row, Lisa andGarrett Ford literallyfinished theTevis
hand in hand.
(photograph byGore/BaylorPhotography)
body work on all six Durango horses
in the weeks before Tevis (Reynolds,
Ford, Toth andMyers) and gave us a
hugeedge.GeneLimlawflewout from
Vermont.  Gene was responsible for
Furyon theday.His attention todetail
is incredible andhemost oftennotices
the little things before others do.  The
Sullivan family are long-time family
friendswithmanyTevisbuckles.  They
started our day right at Robinson and
continued toForesthill and thefinish.
Dale Gurney flew out from Ver-
mont with Gene.  Dale took care of
Lisa andmewith food, fluid and elec-
trolytes.  Dave VanWicklin is a long
time Foresthill resident who has two
Western States 100-mile run buckles.
Dave ran theMichiganBluff crew stop
that changed our day!  Thanks goes to
ChrisMartinwhohas threeTevisbuck-
les andhuge crewingexperienceat the
internationalandFEI levels.   Chriswas
Lisa and I had a banner day but it
wouldn’t have happened without the
right conditioning plan. Heather and
Jeremy Reynolds are two of the best
enduranceriders in theworldandshare
fourTevisCupsand threeHagginCups
between them as a couple.  The Reyn-
oldswere interested in inbringing their
horses toourDurango,Coloradohome
inorder tosharpen thealtitude training
forboththeirTevisandLondonhorses. I
immediatelysaidyes to therequestand
knewwe had the opportunity to learn
from two of the best endurance riders
in the sport. 
Heather and Jeremy improved
our training, we changed to their elec-
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