What can YOU build out of a pallet?

If you are on any social media platform you have most likely seen at least one project made out of a recycled pallets, especially if you follow us on social media! There are so many ways to take a plain wooden pallet and make it into something AMAZING and NEW! We ran a contest amongst our employees to see what they could make out of the pallets that our paper is delivered on. It was such a huge success and fun project that we decided to do it again, but this time we are inviting our customers, friends and family to build something.

We started this project because we like the idea of recycling. Here at APi-Marketing we do a lot of that, whether its pallets (our employees are always making stuff from them), 99% of all paper we use, press plates, or just soda cans. We try and let as little go to the landfill as we can.

Project time starts now! Come over to our shop and grab a pallet or two or ten and start building! We get new pallets almost every day so if we don’t have what you are looking for, check back again. Look on Pinterest, Google, any social media platform, or just something you have been contemplating in your head and find a fun, useful or extravagant project to build out of pallets. These projects will be displayed at our VIP Open house in Mid-October. There is a kicker, for those who want to be included in a silent auction on the projects, 100% of the money raised will be donated to a local non profit organization (to be determined prior to event).

How do I win and what do I get you ask? WELL, the winner will be determined by votes cast at the VIP Open House. The winner will receive $250 worth of gift cards to one or more of the following: Flyers Gas Stations, Old Town Pizza, Center for the Arts, Machado Orchards, or Local Heroes (or a combination of them).

Of course there are some rules….

  1. Has to be made mostly of pallets.
  2. Anything added on must be recycled from something else, not purchased new for this project. (Exceptions are anything used to fasten such as nails, glue or staples and anything used to decorate such as paint or stain)
  3. Must “RSVP” your project prior to or on September 11th, 2017 (whether or not it is finished) so we know how many projects to be expecting and to make sure you and a guest are on the list for an invitation to the Open House. http://bit.ly/palletRSVP
  4. Must be able to bring your project to APi-Marketing or arrange for us to pick-up for our VIP Open House in mid October.

That is all, now go have fun and create a new masterpiece!

Be One With Nature

There are many days we like to celebrate here at API-marketing, especially the ones that have to do with the great outdoors. Although we are an indoor company the majority of our employees love the fresh air and serenity of being outside. This year as a group we have decided to celebrate World Environment Day. As a company we work hard to be good to the environment. We have taken out a lot of our landscape in front of our shop, we water as little as possible, we recycle everything we can and we make sure to get outside and enjoy what mother earth has given us. This is why we have chosen to celebrate World Environment Day.

World Environment Day is a day to connect with the environment around you. It is a day that was created to encourage worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. It is a day to take action and do something for our world. Whether doing it locally, nationally or globally take a moment in time to do something that will give back to our future selves. It is something that can be done on your own, with a group or even an organization. This year’s theme is “Connecting people with Nature”. It is telling us to get out and enjoy nature, it’s beauty and the world around us.

Although this wonderful day is falling on Monday June 5th and we can’t close up we have chosen to celebrate in the days leading up to it. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to see what we have been up to!


Don’t Be The Next United Airlines

Whether you are a large fortune 500 company or a coffee shop, bad press is bad press. United Airlines made a mistake in throwing that guy off the plane, but made a bigger mistake by not getting in front of the publicity with more of a wholehearted apology. This same effect on a smaller scale could happen to any business large or small. Especially in the social media. If someone posts negative feedback on your Facebook, Yelp, Twitter or other accounts, you need to fix it properly and fix it FAST.

This is why even if you are a small-medium size business, it is very helpful to have someone there to manage your social media for you. You are an expert at your business and likely too busy to properly manage a comprehensive social media program. Let us be your avatar. By having a monthly service agreement with us we can be that sense of urgency that is sometimes needed in the world of social media. We can also help with the consistency and professionalism it takes to make social media a success.

Let us know when you are ready to move forward with getting help for your social media channels and we will be here to help you. Let us help you make sure your aren’t the next PR catastrophe.

Check out our services pricing here: social media services flyer

Is Your Social Content Carefully Planned Out?

When content is created on an ad-hoc basis, you risk promoting content that’s off-brand, or off-target for your long-term company objectives. Planned content and regular posting allows for a consistent workflow to maintain the quality of the content that your audience sees. If you are like most people working on their social media, you have a busy schedule, and would benefit from a regular routine and an established workflow. Great content will flourish from this consistency.

Content is one of the key parts of the tool kit when working towards Social Keyboardyour long-term goals for social media along with advertising, community involvement and internal alignment. Content should always
be aligned with the social media strategy and with the goals you’ve defined. That is, if your overall goals for social focus on awareness and engagement, tailor your content accordingly. Creating content deliberately and thoughtfully, and giving forethought to the action you want the user to take with your content, creates targeted and powerful messages.

Your social presence can bring the best of your organization to the forefront. When there are clear directional lines between the needs of your audience and the corresponding content, it’s usually representative of a company that has distinct, functioning social goals. The actualization of a good social content strategy becomes tactical. Your voice that your audience will recognize, and should be one that proactively meets their needs. Your posts must not be a bland industry message, it’s an approachable human presence that naturally points the right customers in the right direction.

Consistency – Quality Content – Commitment

Get On The Bus or Get Run Over by The Bus . . . You Choose

Get on the Social Media Bus

It didn’t take long for these stories to become more and more common. In the online social media frenzy you have to be connected to most if not all social channels, not only to promote but protect your business from bad review, miss information and low ratings.

One DC area restaurant experienced the worst of all outcomes. He had no presence on the internet and over a period of a few months his restaurant of 40 years had its listing in Google hijacked and indicated he was closed on weekends. Mr Bertagna owner of the “Serbian Crown” in upstate Virginia struggled to understand what was happening or what was the inevitable outcome.

As consumers when we go to Google, Yelp, LinkedIn or any other social media we expect the information to up to date and correct. That is only done if you the business owner keep it up. You create an account, and put up current information about your company and you have a plan to visit it on a regular intervals. We can help.


This could happen, it has happened. Don’t get run over by the bus.

When Marketing Works

I read about the new Peanuts movie and one of the creative ways they are promoting the movie. It’s smart, it’s fun, it’s great marketing. Besides it being cute, I like how the website uses advance HTML and preloaded effects to make your experience fast, easy, and keep you on the site. Below is image I created for myself and Merrill. If you have a few minutes, give it a try. APIM_PeanutsClick Here and get ready to be “Peanut-ized”

In fact we’re having a contest. Whoever makes the best Brad or Merrill character will win a $25 Starbucks gift certificate. Just go to the site, make your likeness of one of us, download and send it to peanuts@api-marketing.com. You will have untill the 31st of October and we will have our staff vote on the best likeness. Enter as many times as you like, and like everything, “some restriction will apply”. Have a blast!

10 Proven Applications for Social Media

Tenured digital marketing professionals have been applying social media for end business and marketing objectives for years. But what is clearly valuable to some is still a mystery to many. Whether you’re a marketer trying to get buy-in for social media from the top or a small business owner wondering why you should bother, knowing high impact applications of social media are helpful. If you’re looking to build relationships with connected, influential individuals (and what business isn’t?) then it’s no longer a question of if you should engage in social media, rather it’s the how and the why. Continue reading 10 Proven Applications for Social Media