Don’t Be The Next United Airlines

Whether you are a large fortune 500 company or a coffee shop, bad press is bad press. United Airlines made a mistake in throwing that guy off the plane, but made a bigger mistake by not getting in front of the publicity with more of a wholehearted apology. This same effect on a smaller scale could happen to any business large or small. Especially in the social media. If someone posts negative feedback on your Facebook, Yelp, Twitter or other accounts, you need to fix it properly and fix it FAST.

This is why even if you are a small-medium size business, it is very helpful to have someone there to manage your social media for you. You are an expert at your business and likely too busy to properly manage a comprehensive social media program. Let us be your avatar. By having a monthly service agreement with us we can be that sense of urgency that is sometimes needed in the world of social media. We can also help with the consistency and professionalism it takes to make social media a success.

Let us know when you are ready to move forward with getting help for your social media channels and we will be here to help you. Let us help you make sure your aren’t the next PR catastrophe.

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