The Case for Newsletters

It’s cheaper to keep existing clients happy and engaged than it is to get new clients, which makes it so much sadder when companies neglect their client base and give exciting offers or much needed assistance only to potential clients.
With so many options today, a client needs to see value in your company in order to stick around. This value may be there already, but they need to see it! In fact, 90%* of people would switch to a new company that they feel has a better Corporate Social Responsibility ethic, or supports a cause that they like. With people that are willing to make a switch, the modern day business must frequently communicate what they are all about—without being annoying.

There are many ways to communicate: emails, newsletters, posters, flyers, brochures, mailers, videos, social media, community efforts, etc. They can range from passive, to in-your-face. The value of each depends on frequency, timing, content, and audience.  You won’t be able to praise the benefits of grass fed beef to vegans, and have them decide to eat it, no matter how good that beef is.

Quarterly and Monthly newsletters are a great way to give your clients and supporters assertive, yet not annoying bits of excellence. They can:

  1. Build loyalty by offering relevant, helpful information from your area of expertise.
  2. Let people know what you’ve been up to in the community and what your company personality is like.
  3. Give your company a voice.
  4. Give you an opportunity to get to know your clients, and segment your audience for different content, based on how they respond to your newsletter.
  5. Nurture existing leads in a cost effective manner and generate new leads and new sales by allowing people to discover what you have to offer. For example, every now and then a person comes to us after seeing an article about banners and tells us “I didn’t know you printed banners!”

We are offering 25% off printed newsletters through August 2017, so if you are curious to see what a newsletter can do for you, get a quote! Email or call 530-885-9674

*According to Cone communications/Ebquity’s 2015 Global CSR Study


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Is Your Social Content Carefully Planned Out?

When content is created on an ad-hoc basis, you risk promoting content that’s off-brand, or off-target for your long-term company objectives. Planned content and regular posting allows for a consistent workflow to maintain the quality of the content that your audience sees. If you are like most people working on their social media, you have a busy schedule, and would benefit from a regular routine and an established workflow. Great content will flourish from this consistency.

Content is one of the key parts of the tool kit when working towards Social Keyboardyour long-term goals for social media along with advertising, community involvement and internal alignment. Content should always
be aligned with the social media strategy and with the goals you’ve defined. That is, if your overall goals for social focus on awareness and engagement, tailor your content accordingly. Creating content deliberately and thoughtfully, and giving forethought to the action you want the user to take with your content, creates targeted and powerful messages.

Your social presence can bring the best of your organization to the forefront. When there are clear directional lines between the needs of your audience and the corresponding content, it’s usually representative of a company that has distinct, functioning social goals. The actualization of a good social content strategy becomes tactical. Your voice that your audience will recognize, and should be one that proactively meets their needs. Your posts must not be a bland industry message, it’s an approachable human presence that naturally points the right customers in the right direction.

Consistency – Quality Content – Commitment