Lumpy Mail: An Engine for Lead-Generation

There’s nothing quite like a box or bulging padded envelope in the mail. It makes your inner child hop up and down, tug your sleeve and ask — nay, nag: “What’s inside? Huh? HUH? WHAT’S INSIDE?” This happens even when the package contains something you ordered. The effect is multiplied when it’s something you didn’t order. An eager, inner child dwells within us all. Even hard-to-reach corporate curmudgeons, who take pride in chucking unopened direct mail or delegating the task to administrative assistants, harbor such a child. And that is precisely why well-executed lumpy mail works. It has the uncanny ability to find its way to the curmudgeon’s hands — and heart. It even charms their administrative assistants, some of whom, rumor has it, also once had hearts. Continue reading Lumpy Mail: An Engine for Lead-Generation

7 Steps to Social Media Success

Viral marketing is tantalizing. The promise of vast coverage with minimal cost is alluring. The problem is bad news travels faster than good. Creating campaigns designed to become the next trending topic on Twitter is risky behavior. When attempts to manipulate the marketplace are discovered, the negative response irreparably damages the brand. Using social media to engage your customers is a better investment. It improves loyalty, increases sales and reduces costs. The secret to successful engagement is having conversations that are interesting to the participants. And this requires talking with your customers one at a time. If you do it well, there is a chance your message will go viral. But that isn’t the objective. It is a bonus feature. Continue reading 7 Steps to Social Media Success

Five Fundamentals of Integrated Marketing

multi-channel-marketingV2A top exec from an online marketing services company recently asked me if I had any great examples of companies
that truly excel at integrated marketing. Sadly, my response was, “No.”
Perhaps that’s not entirely fair. There are lots of good examples of integrated marketing campaigns. We read about them in the press all the time, and we watch companies and agencies win accolades for them. But the keyword is “campaign.” These typically isolated campaigns leverage multiple tactical elements across channels. I’m not aware of any company that’s truly integrated in its approach to marketing. Why? Well, truly integrated marketing is hard, darn it… Continue reading Five Fundamentals of Integrated Marketing