Get On The Bus or Get Run Over by The Bus . . . You Choose

Get on the Social Media Bus

It didn’t take long for these stories to become more and more common. In the online social media frenzy you have to be connected to most if not all social channels, not only to promote but protect your business from bad review, miss information and low ratings.

One DC area restaurant experienced the worst of all outcomes. He had no presence on the internet and over a period of a few months his restaurant of 40 years had its listing in Google hijacked and indicated he was closed on weekends. Mr Bertagna owner of the “Serbian Crown” in upstate Virginia struggled to understand what was happening or what was the inevitable outcome.

As consumers when we go to Google, Yelp, LinkedIn or any other social media we expect the information to up to date and correct. That is only done if you the business owner keep it up. You create an account, and put up current information about your company and you have a plan to visit it on a regular intervals. We can help.

This could happen, it has happened. Don’t get run over by the bus.

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Brad Weston

Brad has over 35 years of print and marketing communications experience. In his older years he is still a bit of a “smart-ass” but is working on being less obnoxious. He thrives on being an alchemist, seeing things of value when others do not.